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Thank the cleaner

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Lately I had a few opportunities to stay at several motels/hotels while I was traveling. Lately it came into my mind that I am so used to the fact that when I stay in a place more than one night and leave a messy room I get it as good as new when I’m back, that I hardy think of the process in between. There’s a cleaner who gets into my room and get to clean all the mess I leave. There a person who is most probably not so happy to clean my mess, without even being seen.

Don’t get the wrong impression, I didn’t feel sorry for the cleaner for having this job, every job is a good job as long as it servers your goals, but rather I felt ashamed of myself for not seeing the cleaner as a real person who without a doubt has a story and worth seeing and being recognized.

This thinking led me to 3 decisions I’ve already started to imply:

1. I always take a second look at the room before I leave and make sure that all the trash is in the garbage can and there are no pillows or blankets on the floor. It takes no more than 30 seconds and the room doesn’t look like an unrespectful mess.

2. I leave a thank you note. I just right “Thank you for cleaning my room” and leave it near the sink. I’ve already got some “you’re welcome” smileys back on my note, and I am sure It made some people unexpectedly smile in the middle of their day.

3. I always smile and ask a cleaner how is her/his day if I happen to ran into her/him.

I encourage you to do the same, it really feels good to make people feel acknowledged, and it’s totally free of charge.

PS to those who want to thank other for selfish reasons, don't forget that expressing gratitude has emotional and even physical health benefits, so go for it.

You’re more than welcome to follow our Instagram page and tag your #thankthecleaner notes.

Let us know to whom you left a thank you note lately, we would love to be inspired by you.

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