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Why we chose (to) 'Make a Wish'?

It was very clear to us that we are not launching this web site before choosing a good cause to donate a portion of the income to. We wanted to make sure that you and we are connected not only as seller and buyer, but also by being a part of something bigger. Choosing Make-A-Wish® as the organization for our donations was natural for us. We know 'Make a wish' for decades, since volunteering in the organization 20 years ago. 'Make a wish' vision is to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a critical illness. All those kids around the world equally deserve this opportunity to have a dream come true. Thinking of the wish and knowing it’s about to come true can be a game-changer for the kid. Researches show that It’s not only about the events or gifts themselves, it’s about the positive thoughts that are now part of the kids’ journey, giving the kids strength and helping them psychologically and physically get better. It’s only natural for us that a portion of our sales goes to help kids in a difficult moment better their thinking by focusing on opportunities future holds for them. Donating to 'Make a wish' also remind us all to make a wish from time to time, to dare dreaming, that’s the only way dreams come true. Thank you for trusting us and being a part of this great positive influence.

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