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Watch the following video or read the game rules here.
Still got questions?! Contact us and we will be happy to help. 

"I played with my daughter who is 5yo and my 2 twins who are 11yo and we had so much fun together!

My daughter needed some help with the reading but she was definitely part of the game.

Highly recommended!"

"Super fun game! Good length, not too long but not too short. We had an amazing time playing together and although we know each other for years, we still got to learn new things about each other. A great game for families and friends"

"It's a great game, we really enjoyed it. Fun & good atmosphere. I will definitelly buy it for friends and coworkers to initiate conversations and get to know each other better."

"I played with my 2 teenagers (13 and 16) who I have never thougth would play along, but 

surprisingly they thought it was a cool game. It was fun and the questions were surprising (not what we expected) and we found out new things about each other. There were exactly the right amount of questions."

Do you want your own card in our next version?

Have a good idea for 2 options to present on a card? Send us your idea and you might have your own card in our next special edition!

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